Friday, February 17, 2012

Art Display at the Forest Board Room

Cumberland School has work on display at the Forest Board Room for the month of February. Students that have work on display are:

Sage S. 2nd Grade
Anthony B-P. 1st Grade
Nikolina V. 4th Grade
Kaya S. 3rd Grade
Ashna T. 5th Grade
David L. ELS
Tara T. 4th Grade
Kevin L. 4th Grade
Valerie E. 4th Grade
Regina S. 3rd Grade
Kayah P. 5th Grade
Janejira N. 3rd Grade
Angelina T. ELS
Aseret G. 5th Grade
Summer Y. 3rd Grade
Brendan Y. 4th Grade
Shane A. ELS

Congratulations Artists!

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