Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Back to School!

I thought it would be nice to start the school year off with some inspiration! The art work below is by 5th grade student, Janejira N. Janejira is an amazing artist that has taught herself how to draw on the computer from watching Youtube videos! Since 2nd grade, every day she gets out her computer drawing tablet and creates a manga style cartoon!

Each year art teachers in the district select one student to participate in the Gallery 62 program. This last school year it was Janejira. She had a 4 part self-portrait (one of the parts is shown below). The assignment was given as an in-class drawing assignment, but Janejira took it home and created the work digitally! Wow! Great work Janejira!! 

My hope is that her art will inspire us all!

"We can always be friends, even if we're different"

"Plant Omega"

"A Seal from Sweet My Comic"

"The Musical Side"


"The Idea"