Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Teddy Bears

Last week, Staley the Chicago Bears' Mascot, visited Cumberland School to talk about bullying. It was such an exciting assembly that I decided to draw bears with my first grade students. They did a FANTASTIC job!

This week we drew teddy bears together and created Valentine's Day teddy bears by following step-by-step directions I am posting below. Every bear was unique and adorable!

I was so inspired by these bears and decided to do a painting of a bear myself. My bear is much more scary and fierce than our sweet teddy bears. Bears are one of my favorite things to paint.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Display at Forest Board Room

This month Cumberland and Iroquois have an art display at the Forest Board Room for the Board of Education, and visitors to enjoy. The display is a sample of recent student work from all levels at Cumberland School. The following students have their art work on display:

Michelle G. - 1st Grade   Color Study Heart
Annaliese V.- 1st Grade   Symmetrical Mitten Print
Vivian P. -2nd Grade   Circle Color Study
Dimitri S. - 3rd Grade   Warm/ Cool Color Snowflake
Pavlina P. -3rd Grade   Positive/ Negative Space Heart
Angela L. - 4th Grade  Egyptian Mummy Case
Michael L.- 5th Grade   Henna Design Hand Art
Christian L. - 5th Grade   Snowman Perspective Study
Riya P. - 5th Grade   Leaf Line Relief
Elian A. - ELS Program   "There Was An Old Monster"

Also recently at the Forest Board room, Mr. Abraham Lee (who teaches at Cumberland and at North School) and I were honored by Dr. Westerhold and Mrs. Murphy the D62 School Board President for earning our National Board Certification in Art Education! Mr. Lee, and I wrote each wrote a four part paper explaining how our art instruction is aligned with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. We also took an exam as part of this process. Fortunately Mr. Lee, Mrs. Curtis (a Literacy teacher at North School) and I can proudly call ourselves National Board Certified Teachers!