Monday, September 26, 2011

Chippewa Twitter Contest

Chippewa Middle School is having a contest to design a logo to represent Chippewa on Twitter.  Try your hand at graphic design. Hard copies can be found in the Art room, or in the office.  Good Luck!
(This could be your journal drawing for the week)

Design Chippewa’s Twitter Logo!!!

WHO: All Chippewa Middle School Students

WHY: To create an original design that represents the talents at Chippewa.

WHAT: Create a design in the box below that will represent Chippewa Middle School on Twitter! The design will be reduced to a tiny square if chosen ( about the size you see here), and uploaded onto Dr. Kimmelman’s Twitter account.

HOW:   Some helpful hints:
use markers, or bright colors
stay away from small details, when it shrinks they will be lost
Think of what symbols represents Chippewa Middle School

WHEN: Designs are due Friday, October 7th.  Mrs. McCarthy and Ms. Todorovich will be judging all entries.

If your design is chosen, you and 3 friends will earn a pizza party!

<---Draw design here!

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