Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

First Graders made beautiful flower pins for their mothers this week using fake flowers, fabric, and jewels. To make the pins you need the following:

-Fake flower petals of different colors, shapes and sizes
-Assorted fabrics
-Pin Backs

1. Select fabric and 3 different sized flower petals (Small, Medium, and Large).

2. Draw circles onto the fabric approximately the same size as the flowers, and cut out.

3. Place the Large fabric circle under the Large flower petal, Medium fabric under the flower petal, and small under the small.

4. Stack the layers with the largest being on the bottom, then medium, then small.

5. Have an adult hot glue the layers together. Add a jewel to the center of the flower, and a pin to the back.

6. Wrap and give to Mom :)

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